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Dr. Silverman and his team are committed to providing each and every patient with the highest standard of care, along with personalized service beyond what you might expect in an orthopaedic practice. Whatever your ankle or foot problem, Dr. Silverman does his best to make sure you fully understand your situation and choices in resolving your issue. He puts his expert knowledge and extensive experience to work for you in a way that leaves you with no question that he really cares.

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Toe Sprain

Sprained Toe Diagnosis and Treatment

A sprained toe occurs when you damage or tear the connective tissue in one or more of your toe joints. Damage to any of the following areas can lead to a sprained toe. Ligaments Cartilage Joint Capsule See, each toe in your foot is comprised of three small bones known as phalanges (except for your […]

Social Media Study

Social Media May Be Causing Mental Health Issues in Teens

Social media is a wonderful tool for so many people. For me, I use it to connect with current and prospective patients, and to share stories from my blog. But social media is far from perfect, and new research shows that teens should distance themselves from heavy social media use, as it can cause mental […]


Obesity From Your Head To Your Toes

We’ve written about the harmful effects of obesity on our blog before, but we’ve never looked at the condition as a whole. Just like a sprained ankle can cause issues with your back and spine, obesity affects all parts of your body. Today, we take a look at the impact obesity has on your entire […]