Evan Bourne Foot Injury Update

evan bourne

Three months ago WWE wrestler Evan Bourne fractured his midfoot in a car accident, leaving the fate of his wrestling career unknown.

It has been three months since this Lisfranc injury. His pins have been removed. If he has any metal screws or plates crossing the joints, he will be getting them removed soon. He should have healed all of his fractures and stabilized all of his dislocated joints with good solid ligament healing.

What does his foot feel like? Most likely a thick stiff bony brick. The muscle will have atrophied in his foot, leg, thigh and core.

It will take him at least the same amount of time to rehabilitate from this injury. 3 months no weight bearing, and at least 3 months of aggressive physical therapy to return all function.

But he is not out of the woods yet. At 6 months he will have a good idea of how much post-traumatic arthritis is developing. At a year he will know for sure. His foot will not hit the floor the same ever again. I have many patients who are happy following a reconstruction of a midfoot fracture dislocation, but it never feels the same. It is always stiffer and less accommodating to uneven ground.

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