Israel Prime Minister Sprains Ankle During Youth Soccer Game

netanyahuIsrael’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, sprained his ankle while participating in a youth soccer event on Monday.

Netanyahu was participating in a joint Arab-Jewish youth soccer game on Monday when he slipped on a patch of wet grass and tore a ligament in his left leg.

The prime minister initially shook off the injury and continued playing, but after a few minutes he retired from play and had the injury examined. At the hospital, the leg was put into a cast for healing.

Dr. Silverman Comments

While it is not stated, Netanyahu likely injured one of the two peroneal tendons. Soccer players often sustain multiple ankle sprains throughout their lives. One of the long term problems of recurrent ankle sprains is injury to the peroneal tendons. This can happen by overuse or by an acute ankle rolling injury (inversion). In this case, the PM slipped on wet grass and was able to get up and play. Therefore, this was likely a chronic problem he made a little worse. Peroneal tendons don’t generally rupture fully. Instead they fray apart gradually like rope.

In the PM’s case, cast treatment is very effective at calming the tendon pain and it also permits weight bearing. In about 4 weeks the cast can be replaced by an ankle stabilization brace and he can begin physical therapy. As he is in his early 60’s, a solid attempt at non-surgical treatment is a good option, but he will have to curtail his activities. If he hopes to return to play soccer again, he will need a brace to help prevent his ankle from rolling. If he is still symptomatic after the cast and physical therapy, he may need surgery to stabilize his ankle and repair the torn tendons.



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    I’m glad I’m not famous. It’s bad enough to feel old, but then you get hurt and it make headlines only hurts more. My daughter’s grade school class would have a kids-father soccer game every year. The father’s ended the tradition after 5th grade when 2 fathers ended up in the ER: 1 broken ankle, 1 broken scaphoid. We figured at that rate none of us would make it too HS graduation. Now we stick to basketball: over 40 no jump, no run league.

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