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General or unspecified procedures

Wendy Whalen

I truly can’t say enough good things about him. He has helped to feel so much better. I am now able to get out, walk, and exercise and I have even started to lose some of the weight I gained over the 2 ½ years of being either in a boot or cast. Read More

Karen H.

I am still having some problems with my knee because of some of the failed treatments, one of which was an AFO boot, but my foot is finally getting stronger. Nothing was getting better until I visited with Dr. Silverman. He saw me though this. It is getting a lot, lot better. Read More

Lilli A.

There was a bit of recovery time, but after that I felt great! Dr. Silverman solved all of my problems, and got me back to 100%. If you need surgery, get it before your injuries get worse. Dr. Silverman is a great surgeon – he will take good care of you! Read More

William W.

I had been putting off surgery for more than a decade. If it’s bad enough that you can’t do normal activities, don’t wait. There is hope. Get help. Read More

Stephon D.

I wouldn’t have been able to keep playing sports at the same level as before if I hadn’t done something to fix my ankle. Read More

Ankle Operations

I wasn’t just a number, health card, or form of payment…I was a real person with a real ankle injury. Dr. Silverman listened to me, considered all that I said, and found what was wrong. Thank you Dr. Silverman for keeping with old school service…helping me to heal and feel better is a tradition that can’t be found everywhere. God bless you!


Greetings from Colorado! I’ve spent the weekend skiing in Vail. The week before that – surfing in Panama! And my ankle is feeling great. Thanks for all your help.


I came to see you about a sore ankle after being referred by Dr. Scott Benson of Apple Valley Medical Center. Your diagnosis of a pinched nerve in my back was right on.  You suggested I see a physical therapist. After much delay I went to see Dr. G.N. in Apple Valley.  He made some adjustments and set up a back strengthening exercise program which I have continued to use. I actually feel better than I’ve felt in years.  THANK YOU!


I was referred to see Dr. Silverman by another physician and I am so thankful for being referred to him. I have had a lot of work done on my ankle and I am not a very compliant patient. Dr. Silverman has put up with so much and he has not written me off as his patient. He does great work.


On a frigid January morning, my ankle “rolled” and threw me down 3 basement steps. It doesn’t sound that bad, but it was a disaster. Writhing around on the floor, I was fairly certain that my foot was broken. As it turns out, I had broken my fifth metatarsal. Using pins and plates, Dr. Silverman surgically repaired my broken bone. However, we wanted to ensure that it never happened again, so Dr. Silverman also fixed my weak ankle, and a bunion on the same foot. Four months later, I am amazed at the health of my foot. Dr. Silverman is a very talented surgeon who took time to get to know me and ultimately made my foot and ankle healthy, not to mention more attractive! I am planning corrective surgery on the bunion on my right foot as soon as possible. I have no doubt that Dr. Silverman’s skill will provide for another wonderful outcome! My best advice to anyone contemplating bunion surgery is to get it done! And do yourself the favor of consulting with Dr. Silverman because he will take good care of you and your foot/ankle!


Foot Operations

Thanks to you, Dr. Silverman, I had no pain while hiking anywhere from 5 miles to 11 miles per day in the Swiss Alps and a lot of elevation. I still am painfree!! Thanks very much.


Dr. Silverman – It’s been a long time but I want to know how much I appreciate you and your dedication to fixing my foot (triple Arthrodesis). I have a friend named Marcie who is suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and has not received any relief. I’ve given her your information as I think you’re the best! She should be contacting you soon! Thanks Dr. Silverman!


Thank you for taking care of my daughter’s foot issues. We felt very comfortable in your care and daughter is looking forward to a more fulfilling pain-free life. We appreciated your calls to see how things were going and also working with us on the travel issues of being so far away. Thank you again for everything!


I have only positives regarding my surgery by Dr. Silverman a few years ago. He repaired my hammertoes and bunions on both feet, and repaired a damaged achilles tendon. The surgery went well. Dr. Silverman was wonderful, patient, and kind. Recovery progressed just as it was explained to me, and the office staff were knowledgeable and patient. I would recommend him to anyone.


I can’t tell you how much better my life has been since you fixed my crazy right foot four years ago (lovely bunion issues). I don’t know if I ever told you, but after my surgery, and follow-up, I went to a Twins game while still on crutches in ’08. A man in front of me overheard me talking about my surgery and the doctor. He turned around and told me that you had operated on his too. He seemed very pleased as well. Good luck with everything, and best wishes to you and your family.


I have been completely impressed by the treatment and care I have received by Dr. Silverman and his staff. The call backs have been in a timely manner and treated with a personal touch. Dr. Silverman speaks to you in a tone with respect and concern. He listens completely uninterrupted to all your concerns and totally validates and eases any discomforts you have.

His staff in the Edina and Burnsville location are wonderful. Especially the woman who works at the Edina location who puts on the casts. I owe her a million thank you’s. She went beyond the call of duty and came in before hours on a Friday to redo my cast! You just never hear about those personal touches anymore. They all seem to be a great working team. I feel very lucky to have been referred to them. Dr. Silverman and his team so far have been a plus in my health care. I had multi surgery on one foot at one time. Still in the new recovery process but so far so good. ~:O) I am confidant that my recovery will continue to go smooth and that all my concerns in the future will be taken care of. The one thing that I truly appreciate is that Dr. Lance Silverman is a doctor that makes himself obtainable to the people he provides care to. You have to respect a man like that!


Excellent outcome on my foot surgery. Glad to have been referred to him for my surgery.


I have only positive things to say about my surgery by Dr. Silverman a few years ago. He repaired my hammertoes and bunions on both feet, and repaired a damaged achilles tendon. The surgery went well! Dr. Silverman was wonderful, patient, and kind. Recovery progressed just as it was explained to me, and the office staff were knowledgeable and patient. I would recommend him to anyone.

M. N.

I am so pleased that my primary care physician referred me to Dr. Silverman for a hammer toe/bunion condition. Four weeks after surgery, my bones are healing and the pins are out (yeah!). I have full confidence in his skills, and he is very good natured!

J. G.

As each day goes by, I need to thank you. My foot and toe are getting better each day. I sit on the chair and just wiggle my toes, something that I could not do for over ten years! At one time I think I cried. I did not have any pain, but I iced and elevated my leg for over ten days. I never thought those words really worked. I now say them to everyone that comes through the ER.

I’m able to run down to the cath lab with the patients now and able to walk afterwards. I can work out and walk for more than 5 miles now, before it was about 5 feet! I tell people to visit you every day and what miracles you can work. Thank you so much.


After several years of treatment for another condition, I looked to Dr. Silverman for a second opinion. He told me that I needed bunion surgery. I was very apprehensive as I had heard horror stories about the recovery, but I am happy to say that I was pain free after only two days of medication. He also corrected a bone growth that was causing persistent inflammation on one of my toes. Thanks Dr. Silverman!


‎5 years ago we met you in the ER. A 45,000 lb conveyer ran over my husband’s foot. 3 ortho surgeons wanted to amputate his foot, you were called in and decided it could be saved. Today he is able to do everything he did before! You are an amazing surgeon, we are eternally grateful, can’t even imagine what life would have been if we had never met you! Thank you!


Before I went to Dr. Silverman my foot was so messed up that I could only walk on the side of it.  Dr. Silverman did 2 surgeries on my foot and made it flat again. He did such a wonderful job. Now I am walking for the first time 5 years. Doctor Silverman is a fantastic surgeon and the only Doctor I would trust to go through this kind of reconstruction surgery. If it wasn’t for Dr. Silverman I would have never had a chance to walk again.


Dr. Silverman and his team did a wonderful job fixing my bunion and hammer toes. I am still in recovery but have nothing but good things to say about the procedure thus far. My surgery was extensive yet I can honestly say the pain was minimal and short lived. The worst is not being able to put weight on it for 6 weeks. However, that was made very clear before the decision to have the surgery and I was mentally and physically “ready”. Crocheted kitchen towels are #1 on the Christmas gift list. Thank you Dr. Silverman, Dawn, and everyone else for a very satisfying experience. You come highly recommended!


Knee Operations

Dr. Silverman, I just wanted to say thanks for doing the injections in my knees on my last visit. The knees were better the very next day and I now have no pain in spite of colder and damper weather. We head back to AZ on October 15th and according to a friend there, it was still in the low 90’s just a few days ago…should make all the joints feel better! I know the right knee needs replacing….I’ll see you in the Spring and we can discuss then.


Dr. Silverman is not only a very talented surgeon but a very patient doctor. He has repaired my daughter several times & is a wonderful, caring person. Thank you so very much, sir!


Leg Operations

When I needed surgery in November and it could not fit into the schedule, Dr. Silverman came to the hospital in the early morning and completed my surgery before he left town for vacation at noon. He has a sense of humor that can help put a patient at ease.


We met on April 1, 2012 at Fairview Southdale Hospital. I had just fallen and broken my leg early that morning. You were the doctor on call and came to my aid. Thank you for your wonderful care. You helped put me back together so I could resume my normal daily activities. The two surgeries you performed, along with my scheduled appointments, were all very helpful in my road to recovery. I was fortunate to have you as my doctor. I will always be grateful to you and your staff for the medical care I received.


I wanted to thank you for having such great bedside manners! You treated [our son] like an individual and not just “another” patient for you. We appreciate not only your professional skills but your genuine nature and character. You are an awesome person! Thank you!

M. & A. M.
Ankle arthritis / Ankle Fusion

Ankle Fusions

I honestly don’t know where to begin telling you about the changes and improvements my body has undergone in the time since you did the surgery on my left ankle. I’m sure you know all of the obvious improvements: balance, stability, strength, stamina, etc. This is what I’d like to share with you that you don’t know:

Since I was a teenager I have had back pain that has never been gone for more than a day, even with the help of chiropractors. I gave up on them completely 5 years ago. I have always been told that part of the problem was most certainly the fact that I am “top heavy” and a breast reduction surgery would go a long way in helping me. I have never been able to bring myself to the point where I was willing to do it. The thought of it makes me cringe. Right after my ankle surgery, over the course of a week or so, whether I was busy or sitting doing nothing, my joints were all gently popping – pop! pop! pop! On the fourth day I was on the couch relaxing and I felt something shift in my spine. I felt the pain drain out of the painful spot. I have not had a twinge of pain anywhere in my back since that day! It’s kind of crazy – I keep waiting for it to come back, but it hasn’t!

In short, Dr. Silverman, my back thanks you and so does my front! Thank you again. I totally appreciate your perfectionism.


This is B.W., your ankle fusion success story. Surgery was April 10 this year and I’ve been walking 3 miles a day for three months and at the summer’s end I was wading freestone streams fishing in WI trying my best to hurt it but it wouldn’t be hurt. I wear $100 new Balance shoes from Schuler’s and regular shoes otherwise.

I’m a lucky man to have met you. I was basically done, a cripple. This is Thanksgiving and I thank you and hope all’s well. Please refer any dubious-about-fusion patients to me.

All gratitude for your skill and gifts,


I had the worst ankles thanks to my Genetics. But Dr. Silverman never gave up. I tell everyone I was his worst nightmare. He & his staff are awesome & I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of an ankle surgery. Thank you Dr. Silverman & his right hand assistant Dawn. You are the best.


Ankle Sprains

Thank you so much for all you have done for me Dr. Silverman. I really appreciate you taking such good care of my ankle. I will be calling you soon to schedule the last surgery on my ankle. I have already told so many people what a great doctor you are. Thank you so much!


I sprained my ankle for the umpteenth time Oct 2009. I went to ER and got little help, except to be told it was not broken. Then, I decided to make an appt. with our local ortho doctor and he said I needed surgery, but was very hurried and didn’t explain things to me. I went to PT and it wasn’t helping much. The PT confidentially “slipped” me Dr. Silverman’s name and said to go there for another opinion because she had seen great work from him. I went in Dec 2009 and he did many x-rays and other tests and told me what the problem was and that I needed surgery. He followed up by giving me written handouts. He sent me notes from our appt. He also has a VERY helpful website. I went back in March with my husband because I was still insecure. Dr. Silverman was patient and my husband felt reassured as well. I am a teacher so I waited to have the surgery until school was out. My husband was with me prior to the surgery and even in the surgery room while I was getting my leg numbed (I was pretty well out of it.) My husband was very impressed with his manner before surgery and upon completion. I don’t remember talking with the doctor after surgery, but my husband said he came in 3 times and talked with both of us. Later, when I was at home, he himself called our home and gave us additional support and reminders. He gave me great written instructions, excellent pain management, and even arranged for me to have handicapped parking for 3 months and I didn’t request it…


I will never regret getting my ankle fixed! I started thinking it was normal for my ankle to “give out” or “roll” when my heel landed on something the size of a pea! I am so very happy to be sure-footed again for the first time in a very long time! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Silverman!


Ligament Surgeries

You have done so much for me these past couple of years. I understand that this is your “job”, to cut people open, fix them up (do your magic), sew them back up. 😉 That about sums it up, right? 😉 Anyways, the point is….you’re amazing at what you do. I think that both you and I had the same thought after my initial injury; that I had a very slim chance of playing competitive volleyball again. That’s one of the hardest things I ever had to hear.

Before that injury, I took the sport for granted. Played for so many years, hours upon hours of training, and for it all to come to an end so abruptly was hard to swallow. I learned a lot from that injury, and the effort needed to come back as an athlete. I’ve even used that instance in several of my job interviews; to be faced at a dead-end, brick wall, and to break through that with a passion for myself and the sport that I never knew I had.

I came back my senior season with my heart and respect for the sport. Every moment of practice, conditioning, and competition was special to me now. I promised myself that I’d never take it for granted again. You really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Why do we have to realize that when it’s too late?

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff. I’m trying to find the right words to thank you, but nothing sounds right. No words compare to the feeling I have in my heart for you and the work you have done for me. Thank you for everything Dr. Silverman.


Last fall you operated on our son to repair injuries to his left ankle sustained in football. We very much appreciated your direction, caring, concern and skill in helping all of us deal with the ramifications of such an injury. For a person such as our son, who has always been able to rely on his athletic abilities, such an injury could have been devastating and actually life-changing. Athletics have taught him discipline, leadership, a work-ethic and have given him confidence and a lot of joy. That’s a lot to risk at his age. Instead, our son’s injury, surgery and recovery process turned into many more positives for him than negatives. He learned even more about discipline, hard-work, dealing with pain, persevering, and what was important in his life. Through all of this process, you were the source of information, direction, support, humor, and above all skill! We owe you much thanks and gratitude. I don’t know if you realize what a big part of our lives you became. Thank you so much!!

We thought you would appreciate learning about some of the results of your work. He had a great year, his stats were excellent, the ankle held up well, his team took Conference (with more than a little help from our son’s bat), he was voted All-Conference, and his teammates and Coach picked him as Captain for next year. I believe his injury helped him to be more of a competitor and leader. Thanks again!!


The B Family

Ankle ligament reconstruction surgery on both out and inner ankle on June 22, 2010. I had great service. Dr. Silverman was very approachable, funny, and he helped my husband and I know that this surgery was necessary. The results were highly satisfactory. So much so that I plan to get my right ankle fixed next year. (I have extremely unstable ankles, resulting in many sprains and breaks.)


Ankle Fractures

I broke my left ankle (fibula) and badly torqued the soft tissue (tendons, ligaments, and nerves) in my lower leg and foot when I crashed riding the Alpine Slide at Lutsen Mountain in August 2013. It was super fun right up until the “end”. Ha! I guess, I should’ve heeded the visible warning signs to “Slow Down” and “No Racing”. It was totally my fault. Oh well, live and learn. Like I stated, it was fun!

I’m now six months removed from my crash and I’m virtually 100% healed! I think some of the soft tissues, such as the nerves, typically take the longest to heal, but that remaining portion is negligible.

I owe great thanks to Dr Lance Silverman and his team for wonderful care throughout my healing. Dr. Silverman saw me immediately following my crash, he thoroughly examined my injury (hands’ on & x-ray) with appropriate concern, professionalism, and humor. Fortunately, I did not require surgery. Even so, Dr. Silverman offered several care options to me, he provided me with his recommendation, and he and I made the final care decision together. He outfitted me with an Air-Cast (aka, a “boot”) and he stressed the importance of stimulating blood flow through walking on my injured foot, elevating it, icing it, and engaging in Pre-Hab, which is a series of micro toe & foot exercises done INSIDE the boot and before my injury would be ready for full rehab. Dr. Silverman even has YouTube videos for each exercise, which allowed me to always have access to correct, visual demonstrations via my smart phone.

In addition, Dr. Silverman referred me to his preferred physical therapist, Andy Masis at OrthoRehab, for injury rehab and for general, overall maintenance of the rest of my body. Andy may very well be the best PT out there. Wow, he is awesome!. Dr. Silverman wanted to ensure that the rest of my body didn’t get soft just because I didn’t have normal use of my ankle. As my injury healed, Dr Silverman outfitted me with two additional braces: 1) one for comfort, support, and swelling reduction during sleep time (who wants to put their dirty boot on the clean sheets?), and 2) one for transitional support when the boot came off, which, by the way, I had removed in just four weeks, rather than the typical six weeks! Dr. Silverman said I got it off for good behavior, but I know it was because of a coordinated effort between Dr Silverman’s care, Andy Masis’ care, and my care. I’m a good patient and I started at a high level of general fitness. I did everything I was told to do and then some, including proper nutrition to feed the healing areas, additional exercise beyond PT, and a positive mental attitude.

At six months post injury, I’m back doing everything I was doing before my injury, except recklessly riding the Alpine Slide. In fact, I got back on that horse during week three just to make sure I could ride it safely. Shhhhh, don’t tell Dr. Silverman. Anyway, I don’t really think about my injury anymore. I’m back, baby! I’m back! Thank you Dr. Silverman!!!


I hope you are doing well. I have appreciated your kindness and knowledge in regards to my injury and the efforts you and your kind staff have made to bring me to a full recovery. When I was out last to see all of you I had told you I would write a little something about the “boot” and its affects it has made in my recovery, sorry it has taken this long, I’ve been seriously busy. So perhaps you could use this in a brochure or something of the kind, It sounds a little corny and a little cute, But even so, I think you could appreciate it to some degree.

“AIRCAST had cast away my fears about getting around and on with my life after my injury. Thanks AIRCAST!”

You have yourself a wonderful day Dr. Silverman! Thank YOU.