Stephen Curry Rolls Ankle Again – What’s the Underlying Issue?

Stephen CurryLast Friday, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry was said to have rolled his ankle in the second quarter of an exhibition game in Portland.

Watch video of the ankle roll.

As the video shows, Wesley Matthews was running behind Curry, when Curry stuck his foot back far enough to that Matthews kicked it as he ran by.

This is the same ankle that plagued Curry all of last season, causing him to miss 40 games and have arthroscopic surgery last April.

Dr. Silverman Comments

Stephen Curry probably doesn’t have ankle instability. Instead, he has another joint that is unstable. “All that rolls is not the ankle.”  His condition hasn’t been completely diagnosed or treated, and his ankle arthroscopy surgery back in April did not address the instability. After reviewing the video, it’s clear that there is something wrong that needs to be further evaluated. I would start with a clinical examination to find the area that has been incompletely treated.

Clearly the tests using MRI were not sensitive enough to pinpoint the issue. He is however demonstrating an instability problem. It seems to be in another area outside the ankle like the calcaneocuboid joint. However, he’s been treated with a focus on the ankle joint and everyone seems to keep focusing on that joint. His doctors need to stand back and look outside the box at other diagnoses.



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