Social Media May Be Causing Mental Health Issues in Teens

Social Media Study

Social media is a wonderful tool for so many people. For me, I use it to connect with current and prospective patients, and to share stories from my blog. But social media is far from perfect, and new research shows that teens should distance themselves from heavy social media use, as it can cause mental […]

Obesity From Your Head To Your Toes


We’ve written about the harmful effects of obesity on our blog before, but we’ve never looked at the condition as a whole. Just like a sprained ankle can cause issues with your back and spine, obesity affects all parts of your body. Today, we take a look at the impact obesity has on your entire […]

$2 Billion Spent in Minnesota on Preventable Hospital Admissions

Emergency Department

An analysis of hospital admissions uncovered that “potentially preventable” hospital admissions cost Minnesotans about $2 billion in 2012. The first analysis of the state’s 2012 hospital admissions and emergency department data reveals there were nearly 1.3 million emergency department visits that were deemed “potentially preventable.” Those numbers mean that about 2 in 3 visits were deemed […]

How To Treat Cuts On Your Feet

Foot Cut

A cut is one of the more common foot injuries, and they can often be quite bothersome because we use our feet for so many activities. Foot lacerations are more common during the warm summer months, as people often wear sandals or go barefoot. Today, we take a look at how to care for foot […]

Fatherhood Could Increase Stress On Feet

New Dad

Fatherhood is a truly rewarding experience, but not so much for your feet, according to a study out of Northwestern University. That’s because your feet will likely be shouldering more weight – and we’re not talking about holding your newborn. In a study of more than 10,000 men from adolescence into adulthood, researchers uncovered that […]