Fall is the Most Painful Season For Women’s Feet

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Labor Day is right around the corner, and that means summer is on the way out and autumn is almost here. When the seasons change, so to do the fashion styles. Our footwear changes too, and new research suggests the changing styles can make autumn the most painful season for a woman’s feet. During the summer, most […]

5 Ways To Avoid The Freshman 15

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College campuses are once again filling up with students, and classes start within the next few weeks. Going off to college is a huge step in a person’s journey to adulthood, but the pressure of a new setting and harder classes can lead people to make some poor health choices. Today, we share five tips to […]

Can You Get Clogged Arteries in Your Feet?

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When you think of a clogged artery, odds are you think about it affecting your heart, but this condition can also occur in your feet. This is known as peripheral artery disease (PAD), and it is characterized by a buildup of cholesterol and plaque in the the arteries of your extremities. Today, we take a […]

Parents’ Weight Could Impact Child’s Eating Habits

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A study conducted right here in the Twin Cities uncovered that adolescents are more likely to face food restrictions or pressure to eat depending on the weight of their parents. To better understand how a parent’s weight impacted child eating patterns, Dr. Jerica Berge of the University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis decided to […]

How Moving Your Feet Can Improve Your Brain

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Keeping your brain sharp may start with your feet, according to a new study. Dr. Jeffery Burns, lead researcher at Kansas University’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center, wanted to see if he could discover the optimal dose of exercise for brain health. For his study, Dr. Burns recruited 100 individuals over the age of 65 and split […]